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All items posted are sourced directly from brand owner manufacturer in South Korea, and is dispatched by sea cargo. There is a monthly shipment schedule for general wholesale items. Products are sold at over at up to 70% off. ACTUAL CUSTOMS RELEASE DATE DEPENDS ON EACH DESTINATION COUNTRY (EARLY OR DELAYED UP TO 7-12 DAYS). PLEASE DO NOT ORDER IF YOU CANNOT WAIT.



1. Prices can only be viewed after registration and activation of access.

2. If you have trouble registering. Please pm, email or call us we will create access for you

Call No +63 (2) 751 1006

Facebook: hellobeautfl

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*To immediately address your concerns, please call +63 20751 1006. Our Customer Service answers in real time from M-F 9:00AM -6:00PM.

3. Your access can be used to both Hello Beautiful Apps and Yonjikonji Website.

4. Marketplace item listings are fulfilled by network of suppliers and dealers. Some suppliers ship in 2-3 days. Others fulfill in 3-4 weeks. Please check shop details before placing order.

5. Stocks of sample, testers and trial kits are limited and depends on the availability of manufacturer.

6. To view pricing, please register at Yonjikonji or Hello Beautiful Apps, wait for your approval email. App will be accessible and prices will be visible after approval.

7. Cancellation of order is only allowed BEFORE ordering deadline.

8. Customer cannot cancel order by default. Call or send us a message for any cancellation request. Any order is valid unless you requested for cancellation.



1. Please check calendar schedule of shipment.

2. Cart and check out all products you want to buy. Then PAY NO LESS THAN 50% DOWNPAYMENT and upload your payment slip at ‘My Account’-> 'Upload Files' -> Upload Payment Slip' Available payment methods are bank and credit card during check out.

For Philippine Customer: Payment by credit card is now available for preorder by visiting the store. For order of at least ₱ 25,000 we can bring the Wireless credit card processor to process card payment in your area.

2. PAY ON OR BEFORE THE DEADLINE – your FINAL invoice will be available for download at your ‘My Account’-> 'Upload Files' -> 'Download Final Invoice' then upload your final payment slip at your ‘My Account’ -> ‘Upload Files’ –> ‘Upload Payment Slip’.



1. Credit Card- instant payment, no need for links, instant payment, please choose Credit Card Payment mode (There is a 4.5% + ₱15 transaction fee for Paypal Payment gateway)

For Philippine Customers: BANK ONLINE TRANSFER (BPI HELLO BEAUTIFUL- 1899 8168 93) | METROBANK PHP - TAGT GLOBAL TRADING (552-3-55200965-8) | METROBANK USD - TAGT GLOBAL TRADING (552-2-55200135-9)

2. INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS Credit card upon check out or Bank transfer (USD Account Account Name: Tripleace Inc Bank Name: Industrial Bank of Korea Bank Account: 022-099489-56-00011



1. Down payment is not refundable.

2. Unless expired or wrong, we will not accept returns or refund after the product has been shipped to you. Any concern that requires refund, adjustments or returns shall only be fulfilled seven (7 days) from ‘Received by’ customer date.

3. CCTV Recordings are always available for checking any concerns regarding order fulfillment

4. Shipping term is FOB Korea (Free on Board Korea). The product ownership is transferred to you from port of dispatch in Busan South Korea.

For Philippine Customers: Starting January 2019. All shipments are consolidate and arrive at Subic Port

5. Order is automatically cancelled if payment has not been made within the downpayment deadline. Routing and repacking of partially paid parcels may take up to 2-3 weeks delay.

6. Product prices change for many factors (e.g supplier initiated or changed, exchange rate differences etc.) we won’t refund any claims for previous pricing differences.

7. Customs schedules and local warehouse movement depends customs processing in each country. There maybe delays in customs releasing.

8. Due to volume of products and our sources are first level of distribution, there might be OUT OF STOCKS situations which are totally out of our hands. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR FINAL INVOICE.

9. We reserve the right to block all joy reservers, unreasonable, abusive, irresponsible, bogus or scam buyers/user accounts without notice

10. International Customers: (a) we ship by Korea Post or EMS. (2) to avoid customs fee, we pack parcel to maximum of $200 per parcel and split orders over $201 and up. International shipping rates:

11. For Philippine Customers, (a) shipping from Korea is free (b) Metro Manila Shipping fee is free (c) Provincial shipping fee is Abest Rate.



Updated: JUNE 12, 2019