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  • All items posted are sourced directly from brand owner/manufacturer, there is a monthly shipment schedule. ONLY THE ITEMS THAT ARE TAGGED AS LIMITED ONHAND, CAN BE SHIPPED IMMEDIATELY.
  •  Samples are limited and fulfillment depend on current situation of stocks in head offices or brand manufacturers.
  • Stocks of regular items depends of current stocks situation in head offices of brand manufacturers.
  • If you have trouble registration, please use contact form in the menu and choose, webmaster so that we can look into your account registration.
  • Cancellation of order is only allowed BEFORE deadline.
  • Customer cannot cancel order by default. Call or send us a message for any cancellation request. Any order is valid unless you requested for cancellation.


a. Your account must be approved to be able to view prices and make purchases.

b. We source product in bulk in an efficient 30-day cycle. There is schedule of ordering, payment and delivery.

c. Shipping of all products are strictly in monthly as scheduled in terms and conditions. PLEASE CHECK TERMS AND CONDITIONS HERE.

d. Products in marketplace, limited onhand category and marked as limited onhand - can be shipped in 2-3 days.

e. This is a wholesale website for business, dealers, resellers. we have monthly shipment schedule. for this month's schedule, please check terms and conditions. please do not order if you cannot wait.


a. To buy, browse product, put items on cart and check out as usual.

b. AFTER CHECKING OUT ORDERS, PAY 50% on the DOWNPAYMENT ON OR BEFORE DEADLINE (Down payment deadline is usually around every around 15th of the month). For cash payment, upload receipt at your MY ACCOUNT ➡ FILE UPLOADER ➡ UPLOAD PAYMENT SLIP.

c. Check out terms, conditions, delivery schedules and monthly timelines on PINNED POST OF OUR GROUP AND ON THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ON THIS APP.

d. WAIT TO RECEIVE YOUR FINAL INVOICE BEFORE MAKING FINAL PAYMENTS (Final payment schedule is usually every end of month). We also contact dealers one by one by Facebook group chat.

e. You can download your final invoice at MY ACCOUNT ➡ FILE UPLOADER ➡ DOWNLOAD FINAL INVOICE

f. From receiving final invoice or final invoice GC message you can track your status of your parcel in real time at

g. Wait for your parcel to arrive at your doorsteps. Pick is possible when your status is “Arrive at Warehouse” you will see phone number of courier.

h. We have a Facebook group where, update announcements and more marketing campaigns are real time. Please join us at

i. All checked out item are sold and cannot be cancelled after ordering deadline. If you want to cancel order, you must tell us before ordering deadline. All unpaid invoices of bogus buyers and joy reservers shall be posted on groups, websites, and apps for sales and the bogus buyers and joy reservers shall be blocked from all our social media and selling channels.


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