Local Consolidation

Save on shipping costs for your bulk orders from Korea! Local consolidators are freight forwarders who specialize in combining, packing, and shipping your packages together at a discounted rate. They typically serve many clients heading to the same destination, allowing them to offer more affordable prices compared to EMS and traditional couriers. Additionally, they have the expertise to handle and ship containerized and bulk cargo efficiently.


Here’s how to use local consolidation for your wholesale orders:


1. Find a local consolidator in Korea that ships to your country. Online directories or search engines can help you locate them.


2. Contact the consolidator to inquire about their services. Some offer online platforms for registration, while others require manual arrangements.


3. Choose Local Consolidation as your shipping method during checkout.


4. We will send your order directly to the consolidator, who will then combine it with other shipments and deliver it to you.

1.  ACI Express  – Asia, Middle East and Europe.


2. Prime Logistics – Indonesia, Taiwan, and Japan.


3. D.B Trans – China


4. KCH Trade –  China


5. Winwin Logistics Korea – Vietnam, China, USA, Taiwan, Thailand


6. Korea-Thailand Logistics


7.  Central Asia and CIS countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azeri, Armenia, etc.)


8. Bicco Trading – Vietnam


9. Nice Logistics – Thailand


10. AFC Global – SEA, US


11. Eco Trans – United States


12. Express Delivery Indonesia


13. Nine Cargo Thailand


14. DBN Logis Co., Ltd. – Southeast Asia, including Korea-China, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan


15. Art Trade Co., Ltd –  Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore


16. Shoong Co., Ltd. – Taiwan


17. Logistorm – Vietnam 


18. Soo Logistics – multiple countries


19. I&J Logis – China, Vietnam, and Thailand


20. Japan Logistics, Imports and Licensing


Please contact us for logistics companies in countries not listed here. For additional reference, you can check, Korea EMS rate here.

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