Group Buying

When you want to buy products in wholesale price but does not meet the Minimum Order amount, you can use the Group Buying method.

1. Customer adds products to cart.


2. Click the View Cart button.


3. On the bottom part of the cart there is a Save as Purchase List button.  This saves the order cart in a pdf file.

4. Customer uploads this file on the Group Buying menu in the account. This creates a request to buy wholesale.


5. Our goal is to have the order combined with other buyers to meet the minimum order amount.


6. We will update customer within the period of 20-30 days if the order will be fulfilled.


7. If the order will be fulfilled, an Order ID will be created and the customer will be notified. Order ID will be added in your order list. Customer have the option to accept or decline the order.


8. If the customer accepts the order, he/she may proceed to payment.


9. If we aren’t able to find other buyers, we will send notification to the buyer the we are unable to fulfil the request


10. We will continue to match the purchase list until the purchase list is active in the customer’s menu.


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